Daily Devotion: Psalms 126:2

mon jan 14

Psalms 126:2: “How we laughed, how we sang for joy! Then the other nations said about us, “The LORD did great things for them.” GNB

Yesterday I saw a photograph of a popular gospel singing couple. They were releasing a new album and shared the news on social media. What struck me is that they were NOT smiling. They were just, like, standing there, expressionless.

Strange, don’t you think, that people, who claim to know the Lord, to be saved and therefore able to be looking forward to eternity with Him, seem so terrible down. Add to this the fact that they have this amazing talent to glorify the Lord and spread His word through song, yet they seem to find no joy in doing so.

I thought they were just having an off day, but then I looked at other photos and videos of them. These blessed people rarely smile, much less shout with joy! I know, being a child of God, you are seen as ‘prim and proper’. People expect you to behave, to be demure and not excitable. But, looking at this couple, I thought: “Wow, people must think Christianity is a REAL drag!”

They are sending out the wrong message, I think. We should be joyful and SHOW it, we should praise the Lord always and openly, we are supposed to be HAPPY! We have been forgiven! We have been CHOSEN to receive eternal life! Don’t you think that is something to make one dance with joy?

Just look at the scriptures, it confirms that we should be clapping our hands and praising the Lord in our lives with joy and thanksgiving:

  • Psalms 47:1: “Clap your hands for you, all peoples! Praise God with loud songs!” GNB
  • Psalms 71:23: “I will shout for joy as I play for you; with my whole being I will sing because you have saved me.” GNB
  • Psalms 94:19: “Whenever I am anxious and worried, you comfort me and make me glad.” GNB

If you feel blessed, SHOW IT! If you want to praise the Lord at the top of your voice, DO IT! If you want to laugh out loud to show your joy in the Lord, GO FOR IT! We need to show people that being a Christian is NOT about hiding our feelings, looking sombre and sullen or avoiding happiness at all cost. Being a child of God is about showing your JOY TO THE WORLD! By doing so you may very well encourage them to turn to the Light of God, just so that they can share in your joy and peace.

You have received a great gift, my friend, share it today by living a joyful life.

1 Peter 1:8-9: “You love him, although you have not seen him, and you believe in him, although you do not now see him. So you rejoice with a great and glorious joy which words cannot express, because you are receiving the salvation of your souls,…” GNB


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